CONGRÈS DES UKRAINIENS CANADIENS (CUC) – Conseil provincial du Québec

Nous représentons la communauté ukrainienne auprès du peuple et du gouvernement du Québec


We represents the Ukrainian community before the people and the Government of Quebec

КОНҐРЕС УКРАЇНЦІВ КАНАДИ (КУК) – Провінційна Рада Квебеку

Ми представляємо громаду українців перед народом та урядом Квебеку


Daria Kunanets-Kozak Book of Poems

Daria Kunanets-Kozak was born in the town of Kozova in the Ternopil region. At the age of eleven, fate forced her to leave her hometown, her Ukraine.

The aftermath of the postwar period, the persecution of Ukrainian patriots by Moscow NKVD, and the destruction of the national intelligentsia led to the family leaving for Poland with their mother and two sisters in 1950.

In 1962, Daria moved with her family to Montreal, Canada. There she married Myron Kozak and became part of the large Ukrainian community. From those first days Daria joined Ukrainian organizations, later devoting a great deal of time to the development of the cultural life of the Ukrainian community, and holding leadership positions in several organizations.

Daria is always with her native Ukraine with her heart and soul. She has loved to sing since childhood, so she has been singing in the choir for many years. She has met with many immigrants and newcomers, with those who were forced by fate to leave their homeland and seeks to help and support them.

In 1965, she devoted time to writing poems about the life of Ukrainians in Canada and expressing her longing for their native Ukraine. People in Ukraine became interested in her work and asked her to publish a collection of poems and send them to Kyiv. In 2006, the editorial office of the Creative Youth Association in Rohatyn published a collection of poems by Daria Kunanets-Kozak. The Directorate of the World Service of Radio Ukraine invited Daria to come to Kyiv for an interview, which was heard all over the world, and her poems were read on the air by journalist Lidia Kukhar. The program was a success and listeners asked for a repeat.

Daria’s creative work is also to be found in the International Library in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.