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Thank You VIDEOTRON !!!
Thank You VIDEOTRON !!!

Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Quebec Provincial Council & Montreal Branch

We are the voice of the 42,500 Ukrainian Canadians living in Quebec

Building Community Together!

Growing Our Community

We engage our community of 1.4 million Ukrainian Canadians through programming across various areas: arts, youth, education, and more

Celebrating and Advancing our Identity

The UCC works with its member organizations and provincial councils and local branches to celebrate and advance our rich Ukrainian Canadian identity

Supporting Ukraine

We work with government officials, NGOs and community leaders to ensure Canada stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine

Ukrainian Canadian Congress

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is the voice of Canada’s Ukrainian community. The Congress brings together under one umbrella all the national, provincial and local Ukrainian Canadian organizations. Together with its member organizations, the UCC has been leading, coordinating and representing the interests of one of Canada’s largest ethnic communities (1.4 million) since 1940 and has been instrumental in shaping Canada’s social, economic and political landscape.

UCC Quebec Provincial Council and Montreal Branch

UCC Quebec Provincial Council and Montreal branch represent Ukrainian Canadians who live in the province of Quebec.
Ukrainian communities are present in the following cities (Statistics Canada):
Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois Rivieres , Rouyn-Noranda, Granby, Saguenay.

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